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Privacy Policy

Times of Selah are committed to protecting the privacy of individuals.  The Data Protection 1988 principles will be adopted to maintain privacy and confidentiality.


Times of Selah is a website owned and operated by Times of Selah Ltd.  Times of Selah is registered in the UK and the registration number is 09134659.  The registered address for Times of Selah is Suite 26, Unimix House, Abbey Road, Park Royal, London, England, NW10 7TR.


Your Information

Times of Selah treats the privacy of clients with care and within the laws of the UK.  Personal information will not be sold, traded or rented and your data will not be passed to any other third party.

All information is stored, including information provided through registration and booking forms that you complete on the website and information collected through browsing.  The server logs each page that is downloaded from the site.  


Data provided can include the name, address, telephone number, email information and debit/credit cards used.  Information may also be used for accounting, billing and credit card/debit verification.  Data gathered through the Times of Selah website may include special deals for retreats, holidays and events.  Customers will only be provided with these communications if have opted to receive them.

To stop receiving communication from Times of Selah, please follow the instructions on the unsubscribe link which will feature at the bottom of the emails.  An alternative option can be to forward an email with the word unsubscribe in the subject line to enquiries@timesofselah.co.uk.  Please ensure that you email the address that is used within our communications.


Cookie Policy

What are cookies? 

Cookies are small data files that are located on a computer’s hard drive or within a browser that keeps a record of when you have browsed through a website.  Information is collected that can be used to remember customers’ preferences, login details or information that is supplied while browsing through a website.   Cookies do not store confidential or personal information about individuals.  In addition, cookies do not carry the risk of a virus on your computer.


A session cookie can remember an item that is placed in, for example, a shopping basket.  Session cookies expire when you leave a website.


Persistent cookies can identify if you return to a website and expire after a set period of time.  They can remain unless deleted from a device, and can be used to assist in customising the site and illustrating relevant information that was undertaken during your visit to a website.


Third party cookies may be used from third party websites such as Facebook Twitter, and Eventbrite where some of the content may be used within the Times of Selah Website.  A comprehensive cookie policy is available on all sites.


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